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Today, I would like to talk about Pattern Maker. What Pattern Making is? And how to hire a Pattern Maker?

A Pattern Maker is a professional figure who fully understands the designer’s idea and without changing it, makes its production feasible whilst bearing in mind the economic needs of the company. A professional who is able to manage the pattern range and its wearability, who has the industry-specific skills that allow them to choose the materials, products and techniques most appropriate in order to have a finished product of superior quality.

Fashion Incubator says that Pattern making is a simplistic term that describes a very complicated job function. Pattern making is complex engineering and not only the creative art that most people think. Pattern makers are the technical backbone to the manufacturing process and have more control than any other single person to produce a quality outcome.

These days, Pattern makers are having to spend significantly more time requesting information and direction from designers who don’t yet understand all the details that they are responsible to provide (or else need to pay for someone to develop). Thus, Pattern makers are spending less time on their speciality of making patterns and consulting is essentially becoming a requirement for most new designers.

The pattern maker drape, flat draft and grade to achieve a perfect fit. The ability to see what shape and fit the style will have on the body goes hand in hand with design creativity. The pattern is what makes or breaks a beautiful design.

Having skilled in both traditional manual pattern making as well as computer -based systems such as Lectra, it becomes easier to understand many type of garments and know how to maintain proportions through sizes because having experience with grading.

So, before hiring or working with a pattern Maker, it will be important to know many critical points that a designer or a company must understand in order to facilitate a relatively smooth development process. Also, I invite you to follow the links provided in order to know more about how to hire a Pattern Maker

During all these 15 years, I spent my time by transforming the design vision of others into garments with the right fit, and functionality.

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