Why do You Need to Choose a Domestic Garment Manufacturer for a “Made in Canada”?


Why do You Need to Choose a Domestic Garment Manufacturer for a “Made in Canada”?


“If you have the desire to support your economy, then you need to manufacture locally.”

There are several reasons that should drive us to looking for a domestic clothing manufacturer.

From a recent survey did by the BDC, most Canadian consumers are increasingly aware of the impact their spending has on the economy. They take pride in helping Canadian businesses create jobs and economic activity. In the garment industry, kem’s Fashion Manufacturing would like to play a leading role by supporting more local fashion designers, brands, Boutiques, Schools, corporates, agencies, communities and etc… There are some top reasons that should drive us to manufacture our clothing domestically.

When we manufacture our clothing in Canada, we directly impact our economy in positive ways.

The first reason is economic

We are now able in Alberta to manufacture clothing locally. Most Albertans are aware of the necessity to use their spending power to support their local economy. When sourcing a manufacturer, you have the option of sourcing one domestically or from overseas. As you might expect in Canada, a domestic manufacturer in general, will cost more than a manufacturer from overseas countries. So, it is a little bit tricky because it is a critical decision for your new business and aren’t always easy to find a good one. But fortunately our expertise in that sector is improving and especially we need to be part of this “rendez-vous du donner et du recevoir”. You know that when clothing manufacturers are successful, we are in a position to give back to the communities we serve by supporting local charities, cultural associations, etc.

The second reason is health and safety

As someone said buying Made in Canada keep us safer. With all the regulations that we have. We need to reach some standards in health and safety that have a consequence on the retail price. For us providing this service and for our customers we need the best.

The last reason is our community

Graham of Tool Shed Brewing Co. said “buying products Made in Canada supports our communities!” In our community we have these skilled people in garment industry that need to be valued. Supporting clothing manufacturers has a huge impact in many aspect of our community (labor standard, proud to be Canadian) by improving this feeling of belonging to something greater than ourselves. Eating, drinking, dressing “Made in Canada” is now possible

Manufacturing domestically our products is a good idea for those people having a unique idea or a variation of a current product that doesn’t exist currently. It’s also for people that have validated the market for their product are fairly confident that their product will sell. This is important as manufacturing will require the greatest financial investment upfront into your products and inventory.

Also, there are some advantages by manufacturing our apparel domestically.

  • Lowest Cost Per Unit – It’s not uncommon for manufacturing to garner the lowest cost per unit, giving you the greatest margins on your product.
  • Brand Control – Having your product manufactured means you can build your own apparel brand around your product and aren’t constrained by others. Price Control – Along with the ability to build your own brand comes the ability to set your own prices for your product
  • Quality Control – Unlike drop shipping or purchasing wholesale, when you manufacture your own product you’re in control of the quality of your final product


Advantages of garment manufacturing domestically

  • Close relationship between the customer and the manufacturer
  • Higher manufacturing quality and labor standards
  • Easier communication with no language barrier
  • Marketing appeal of being made in North America
  • Easier to verify reputable manufacturers
  • Faster shipping time
  • High intellectual property right protection
  • Greater payment security and recourse

We encourage you to support us in order to help our community to growth in a healthy manner. More, to save our environment from Fast fashion industry. Fast fashion can wind up costing you more than “real” and “sustainable” clothes. More Fast fashion contributes to the decline of Canada manufacturing. Be aware because by doing that we avoid to exploit Canadian and overseas workers.



By Kouembi and Kem’s Fashion Team











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